A Typical Hunting Day

Duck and Goose hunts start the morning of your hunting dates and ending the evening of your hunting dates. Plan on two hunting excursions per day (early morning and late afternoon). Depending on what we hunt in the afternoon, start times could range from right after lunch to late afternoon.

For the Morning Hunt, expect to roll out of bed by approximately 4 am. It will usually take 20-45 minutes to drive from the motel to the chosen hunting spot for the morning. It will take about an hour to get into waders, set decoys, and get positioned before first light. Shooting usually starts about dawn. We usually shoot for 2 – 3 hours in the morning before calling it quits. After picking up the birds and decoys, we will head into town to drop off the birds for processing and to catch a late breakfast/lunch.

For the Afternoon Hunt, you may have a choice of Ducks, Geese, Prairie Chicken, and/or Hungarian Partridge. Prairie Chicken and Hungarian Partridge are very similar to hunting for quail. Depending on the dates and hunting laws for that specific time of year, we may only be able to hunt for geese before 12 noon.