Alex & Rita Wasylyniuk


Alex (“Waz”) Wasylyniuk

Alex_0317-webAlex has been an avid waterfowler for 45 years. As the owner/operator of WWT for 30 years, he has seen flight patterns change and adapt to the varying habitat and weather conditions. So too have his hunting strategies. Evolving with today’s equipment and technologies, Alex will employ whatever gear and technique is required to fill his hunters’ bag limits. He also does not hesitate to cover the huge outfitting territory to scout out successful shoots and provide options for a variety of situations. Alex is a firm believer in “putting the birds to bed,” and in taking the extra time and effort required to lock down the best possible experience that the following day’s events can provide.

Alex lives by the creed that being a good neighbor to his fellow land-owners leads to being a successful outfitter. All fall he can be found prowling the territory in search of the ultimate waterfowling adventures, each and every day his hunters are afield.

Rita Wasylyniuk

rita_2740Rita had never hunted before meeting the love of her life. Alex introduced her to the adventures of the waterfowling world and in 1999 she became a hunter’s wife. She may not be out in the field all the time, but puts her mark on WWT behind the scenes by following up on emails, looking after bookings, coordinating pick ups, hotel rooms, and putting up dust on the many miles back and forth from the bird plucker! She enjoys all aspects of the outfitting business including meeting new guests and re-acquainting with returning hunters. She loves listening to the daily stories of how the hunts went both, over the phone from Alex, or in person.

Rita’s been on many scouting trips and has come to appreciate what the province of Saskatchewan can offer the visiting waterfowlers and understands what keeps these dedicated sportsmen coming back year after year. She too has come to cherish those times when the whisper of wings, slicing through another spectacular Saskatchewan pre-dawn signals the beginning of another wonderful day of waterfowling.

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